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Below is a lecture given by Dr. Nordgaard on Sept 9, 2016 which speaks to some of the health concerns associated with a compressor station.

This is a presentation given by MA Assistant Attorney General Elizabeth Mahoney, Dr. Susan Racine and Nurse Casey Black on the lack of need for additional gas as determined by the AG's office, and adverse health effects of compressor stations. 

Below is the video of the CARCS Business Outreach presentation held at Evergreen Tree and Landscape, March 2017, with Senator Timilty, State Reps Heroux and Howitt, and local business owners speaking out against the proposed compressor station. See where they all stand on the issue!

Below is the first part of a Representative Joe Kennedy's Public Office Hours on Nov 19 2016 where he addressed our group and stated his position.

This is the Eye on Seekonk interview with David Viera, with Kathleen, Manny, and Tracy on the effects of the proposed compressor station, courtesy of Channel 9, Seekonk

State Representative Paul Heroux's testimony on

compressor station bills. Thank you Senator Heroux!

An interview conducted by WARA radio at the Attleboro Farmer's Market on 8/12/17. A powerful and passionate assessment of the real story behind the proposed compressor station. Featuring Kathleen Boivin, Head Presenter of CARCS.

Senator Paul Feeney presents ENERGY IN MASSACHUSETTS

WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? January 11, 2018. Full version courtesy Double ACS, Attleboro.

A presentation by CARCS, March 2019, on the environmental effects of gas leaks. Speakers include Nathan Phillips, PhD, Professor at Boston University, and Bob Ackley of Gas Safety, Inc. Courtesy of Double ACS of Attleboro.

This is the full length version of the March 2019 CARCS presentation, courtesy Channel 9, Seekonk.

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